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Anal sac abscessation is diagnosed when there is noticeable swelling of the anal sac with a purulent exudate, inflammation of the surrounding perianal region, pain and fever. Rupture of the anal sac can occur with this condition producing a draining tract. Whilst enterococcus faecalis is capable of growing at a wide range of different temperatures, proteus mirabilis and e. Coli grow best at mammalian body temperatures, the optimum growth temperature for proteus mirabilis being slightly higher at 40oc than e. Coli (37oc), which might explain why inflammation within an infected sac may lead to a switch in the two populations of bacteria. Coli) is a bacteria which usually resides in the gastrointestinal tract of mammals (including cats and humans) without incident. Coli, most of which are harmless however, some strains are pathogenic, resulting in sickness. The most common types of abscesses in cats are in the mouth and under the skin but abscesses can pop up almost anywhere in or on a cat. Abscesses are usually described by where they appear in the body and are caused by various bacteria including e. Coli, certain streptococcus species, pseudomonas, mycoplasma, pasteurella multocida, corynebacterium, actinomyces, nocardia, bartonella. Rectal prolapse is common in young animals in association with severe diarrhea and tenesmus. Causal factors include severe enteritis, endoparasitism, disorders of the rectum (eg, foreign bodies, lacerations, diverticula, or sacculation), neoplasia of the rectum or distal colon, urolithiasis, urethral obstruction, cystitis, dystocia, colitis, and prostatic disease. (which stands for feline lower urinary tract disease) used interchangeably. The most common types of bacteria to cause urinary tract infections are e. Bacterial infections, for example salmonella, campylobacter, e. Cats contract salmonellosis from contact with other infected animals, both by killing and eating them or through contact with their feces. Salmonella bacteria can also survive on surfaces and contaminate both raw and processed food. Kittens and elderly cats, and cats with a weakened immune system, are more susceptible to a salmonella infection and may experience more severe symptoms.

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