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Punishment for having anal sex with wife my question is about something not clear to me from long time please answer me clearly 1 if husband do an anal sex with his own wife or by the desire of his wife he did so what is the hadd in islam to that person 2 is the hadd of zina apply on a person who will do the anal sex with women or there is some other hadd for sinnerall perfect praise be to. The opinions of our mujtahids vary on the permissibility of anal intercourse. The majority of the shiah mujtahids have derived two conclusions (1) that anal intercourse is not haraam but strongly disliked (karahatan shadidah) provided the wife agrees to it. Shaykh faraz rabbani is a scholar and researcher of islamic law and executive director of seekershub global after ten years overseas, shaykh faraz returned to canada in the summer of 2007. In may 2008 he founded seekershub global to deal with the urgent need to spread islamic knowledgeboth online and on the groundin a reliable, relevant, inspiring, and accessible manner. Islam allows for us to have a pleasant time when it comes to sexual intercourse but there are certain boundaries in place that are not to be crossed. In this article clear proofs are provided for the sexual acts that are impermissible. Although there is no direct verse related to it but there but this is general consensus among sunnis muslim that anal sex between husband and wife is not allowed. When is sex forbidden? Islam has forbidden sexual intercourse during menstruation. Do not establish sexual relations with them during the menses and do not approach them (sexually) until the blood stops. Then when they have cleansed themselves, you go into them as allah has commanded you. Thxa2a- out of curiousity, how did you end up asking me this question, im a 59 year old christian american. What i know about what is haram doesnt go much deeper than eating pork, i als. Then he told him,make love with your wife from the front or the back, but avoid the anus and intercourse during menstruation. (reported by ahmad and at-tirmidhi) if one does have anal sex with his wife, he has committed a grave sin, which requires repentance. He should regret and feel contrite for committing such a sin. Anal intercourse in marriage and divorce if somebody has anal sex with his wife would it be considered that he has divorced his wife praise be to allah the lord of the worlds and blessings and peace be upon our prophet muhammad and upon all his family and companions if the man has anal intercourse with his wife this is not considered a divorce but it is a major sin the prophet said whoever has.   anal sex islam me haram hai kiya nikah toot jata hai reply by engineer muhammad ali mirza - duration 1148.

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